What is this?

Hi there! My name is Torgrim. I’m a performance storyteller and a writer. And this is Brittle One, an evolving fantasy novel that neither I nor you know how will end. An image of Brittle and her mother surrounded by flying jellyfish-like beings (as seen in the Prologue) popped into my head as a gift from the unseen realms and I knew exactly what I wanted to do – start writing the story online in extreme Gardener-mode.

It will be a true journey of discovery, as I have no idea of what the destination will be or when I will reach it, but I know that I (and Brittle) will get there. Every Friday I will add new installments of varying length. I have chosen Friday because it is the day of the goddess Frigg, the chief goddess and seeress of the Norse pantheon, which seems fitting related to this process of writing the story by purely following the images that appear in my mind’s eye. Other than this symbolic connotation, however, this story is not connected to Norse myth in any direct shape or form. It is its own beast.

Welcome to the world of Brittle One!

For more info about me, feel free to check out these links:

www.kloverknekten.no – My performance storyteller page

www.mythopoesis.net – A blog exploring the mythical meta-narratives of our world

You can also contact me at story@brittle.one

And, if you wish, you can buy me a Frost Nettle Drink through Ko-Fi:

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